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Valentine’s Day is Monday, and romance is in the air. Or maybe that’s just the smell of a burger and fries that I’m eating now that I’m past the mirage of my New Year’s healthy eating resolutions. Whoops! (I mean, if a burger isn’t true love, I don’t know what is). Regardless, for those of you that still need to plan out your V-day, look no further! Whether you’re riding solo, committed, or just plain “it’s complicated” with someone else, we’ve found the best ways to find date and gift ideas to celebrate.

In a Relationship, Engaged, Married…It’s Complicated

Planning the Date

Stumbling through the Dating Tips topic, you’ll get tons of content from first date advice to why women love geeks. To find Valentine’s Day date suggestions, get a little more specific by browsing through Date Ideas. Fun suggestions can be found on 67 Cheap Date Ideas for the Recession-Era Romantic including cooking dinner together, visiting the zoo, having an indoor picnic or star gazing (here’s a tip: from now till February 20th the alpha-Centaurids meteor shower is going on!).

Chocolate treats please just about anyone.

For the indecisive type, check out this selection of date ideas listed with pros and cons to help you pick the perfect night. This other comprehensive list has several categories of dates including athletic, intellectual, spiritual, productive, food and drink, and outdoors dates. I mean, you miiight have to twist my arm to take me on a date to a winery, pick strawberries and bake a dessert to geher, or get a massage, but you be the judge of which of these date ideas match your tastes. And if you’re having a night in (or can’t find reservations anywhere), check out Epicurious, where you’ll find tons of great recipes and menu planners to make a homemade dinner.

For those that find themselves falling into the limbo of the “It’s Complicated” category, browse these free date ideas for a first date that are simple, yet romantic, without the atmosphere of pressure of an extravagant date. From going to a drive-in movie to visiting a nearby landmark, you’ll find tons of ideas that have never crossed your mind on 101 Ideas for a Fun Date and things to say on them with 50 unique conversation starters. And if things really are “complicated,” consider checking out some tips for love, like 10 things to stop doing in your relationships. If you’re considering dating someone in a nearby cubicle, things could definitely get complicated. Read these pros and cons of dating your coworkers before you make a move.


Gifts are not essential, but a nice touch if done right. First off, be sure not to get a girl one of these horrible gifts (hint – we usually like treats). For the men reading this who will be smacking themselves when they put off Valentine’s Day planning until the eleventh hour, read up on some quality last minute gifts.  Girls buying for guys might want to look into scoring them gadgets like a multi-tool (yes, every guy has a hammer, but how many have a multi-tool?!). Finally for those bittersweet long distance relationships, try and enjoy the holiday with these long distance gift ideas to help you feel a touch closer.

Try out one of these 101 Valentine’s Day recipes!

Ridin’ Solo

In the words of Jason Derulo, some of us may be “ridin’ solo” (that means “single” for the less pop-culture inclined). And if you’re single? Embrace it. Check out this infographic on why it’s good to be single and then plan a special treat for yourself. If you are going out on the town, have some pick up lines at the ready. For the chicas, invite over your single comrades for a Girls Night In and make some delicious treats, watch a great movie, and relax. Really any holiday is an excuse to celebrate; nab some of these Valentine’s Day party ideas and your closest friends and throw a fiesta.

Regardless of your romantic commitments, Valentine’s Day is a nice time to show someone special you care, from your best friend to your mom to your significant other. Hopefully some of these great ideas found on StumbleUpon can add that special something to your Valentine’s Day plans. To keep hunting down some more Valentine’s Day ideas, try stumbling user-created tags by navigating to and replacing “tag” with interests such as Valentines-Day, party-ideas or anything else creative.

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