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At StumbleUpon, our goal is to help you discover the best of the Web. We also want to be the place where you collect and share the amazing websites, photos and videos you find.

So today we’re unveiling a reimagined in Beta. This release brings the exciting features we recently launched in our updated iOS app to the site. It also provides better tools for organizing and sharing your Likes. And we’ve improved the site design with a focus on showcasing content, improving usability and making sure your profile represents who you are and what you’re interested in.


StumbleUpon has always helped you find great content based on your unique mix of interests. Now we’re adding the ability to Stumble the pages your friends have recently liked, commented on or shared to Facebook and Twitter with a feature called “Activity.”

Within Activity, you’ll also see pages recommended by StumbleUpon experts – these are Stumblers that consistently discover and rate the best content in specific interests. That means if an expert Liked it, we think you will, too.

For the first time, we’re surfacing the pages that are generating the most buzz in our community across all interests on our new “Trending” page. These are the newest – and hottest – sites on StumbleUpon.

Check out these new ways to Stumble.


A frequent community request has been a way to organize and share your Likes. Today we’re launching StumbleUpon Lists, a feature that allows you to put your Likes into meaningful, personalized collections you can share with friends. You can also choose to keep your Lists private.

Create a List for anything you want: pages to save for later, gifts you’d like to receive, or photos of places to visit. Follow other people’s Lists to discover amazing content you may not find on your own. You’ll also get updates in Activity any time the list owner adds new sites to it.

While you are at it, check out some of our favorite Lists and Stumble through a few of them. You’ll notice that you actually Stumble the sites in the order the List creator added them, making Lists a way for people to tell stories with the great sites they find on StumbleUpon.


Lists are a great way to manage the pages you’ve Liked and tell other Stumblers a little bit about yourself. Check out the Stumblers who created these Lists: I Love Disco, Body is a Temple, Kitschy Life, and Things for my Twenty-Something Self.

When it comes to self-expression, on StumbleUpon “You Are What You Like.” Each page you like makes up your StumbleDNA — every Like belongs to an Interest category, and the colors in your StumbleDNA map to those categories. My StumbleDNA says I’m 18% into Art-History, 9% into Sci-Tech and only 3% into Outdoors. What does your StumbleDNA say about you?

My StumbleDNA shows what I’ve Liked (and who I am) on StumbleUpon.


Social discovery is at the heart of StumbleUpon. With that in mind, we’ve worked hard to improve the design of our Stumbler profiles so you can easily find great people and organizations to follow. In addition to StumbleDNA, you’ll find better information about each Stumbler and easy access to his or her Likes and Lists.

We’ve also redesigned the site to showcase the content people are Stumbling, Liking and sharing. That means improved preview images and descriptions, and more information around why we’re recommending each Stumble. And we’ve increased the number of potential Stumbles you see so you have more choice as to where you begin Stumbling.


Opt into the Beta now so you can start enjoying these new features.

Today’s launch is just the first step. With your feedback and suggestions, we will continue to improve and evolve your Stumbling experience. Next up: bringing Lists to our mobile applications and browser extensions.

As always, thanks for helping us make StumbleUpon the best way to discover stuff you love on the Web. Now go create and share some Lists!

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