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The StumbleUpon toolbar for Firefox continues to be one of our users’ favorites. The latest version of the add-on makes Stumbling even easier by simplifying the menus and adding a number of frequently requested features.

What’s new in the latest version?

Upgrade your StumbleUpon toolbar for Firefox to benefit from the following new options:

  • Shorter toolbar, yay! By popular demand, we condensed some of the buttons on the toolbar so it occupies less space in your browser and makes it easier to use the most popular buttons.
  • We added Report Spam and Duplicate Content to the thumbs-down menu to help improve the quality of your Stumbles.  

Read more in our Online Help on how to make the best use of these new toolbar options.

  • All Stumble Channels are now grouped under the All button.  If you want to use specific Stumble channels like StumbleThru, Stumbling in your favorite topics or through other Stumblers’ favorites, you can find all these options and more under All.
  • Post your favorite sites to Twitter and Facebook straight from the toolbar! The “Share” menu now allows you to easily post sites you like to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, via

We hope that these new features will improve your Stumbling and make it even easier to discover and share the best online content!

~ The StumbleUpon Team

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