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Version 2.0 of our mobile apps is here! We’ve just released a number of new features and updates across all our mobile apps(iOS and Android) that we’re excited to tell you about. We’ve developed an Android app for tablets, have added the “Explore Box” feature and have included the ability for you to “swipe” to stumble. Not to mention that we’ve revamped the entire look of each app so that your stumbling session is as visually pleasing as it is fun. Learn more about these updates:

Our Android Tablet app is designed so you can sit back, relax and stumble by swiping the screen from right to left or, by simply tapping the “Stumble!” button.

Android Tablet App: We know you enjoy stumbling whenever, wherever you want. So now, we’ve released an app for Android Tablets that works on devices like the Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy so that you truly never need be without StumbleUpon.

Explore Box: The Explore Box we released in August is now available on our 5-star rated iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Roam through hundreds of thousands of interests simply by typing a word or phrase. Below, you can see a video about the Explore Box.

Swipe to stumble: Stumbling is no longer limited to just the “Stumble!” button. You can now swipe to stumble on all our mobile apps. Simply swipe your screen from right to left to explore page after page of new and interesting content.

The Explore Box is now on all our mobile devices–including our iPad app (pictured above in the top right). Simply enter a word or phrase to discover page after page of great stuff.

Faster and more visual: All our mobile apps have a revamped visually rich interface with vibrant thumbnail images and a crisp new look. We’ve also improved how pages load on your device – meaning it’s faster and more fun to stumble.

This newly released version of our iPhone app now has the Explore Box feature as well as swipe functionality. Swipe from right to left to browse new web pages, photos, videos and more.

We know that there is a lot to take in with so many new mobile offerings and improvements so feel free to head to the Android Market or the iTunes store to learn even more about about these exciting new changes.




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