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In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day, we wanted to thank all the community managers out there who work tirelessly to help users everywhere. We hope that StumbleUpon can also serve to make your jobs easier – from one community manager to another, we know how busy your days can get and how important it can be to get a great idea or shareable link as soon as possible!

We wanted to introduce ourselves and describe a little bit about who we are and what we do. We’d love to hear from any community managers out there who have feature ideas or ways they use StumbleUpon to make those hectic days more manageable!

Head of Community Management

About Me: Music-lover, puppy-owner, California-transplant.
I was born and raised in Texas, y’all. After graduating with a background in Engineering, I stuffed my car and drove from Tennessee due West to pursue a career in “The Internet.” My career has taken me from a start-up to corporate in fields from Community Management to Product Management. And all the while I was a huge fan of StumbleUpon. Just a few months ago I landed the coveted Head of Community Management role at StumbleUpon.

I’m always up for exciting and serendipitous adventures in San Francisco and around the world — which explains one of the many reasons I love StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon’s users are incredibly passionate about the world around them. They want to learn from the content they Stumble as well as the Connections they’ve made on the site. They explore the treasures they uncover and grow from the knowledge they gain. They are savvy and smart. I’ve worked with dozens of different groups in my day, and it is a pleasure to serve this dynamic — and truly unique — Community. They keep me on my toes!

Best Recent “Real Life” Stumble:
Over New Year’s my friends and I were driving through Washington’s Puget Sound and mapped our route to drive through a tiny town called Forks, Washington. Little did we know, our adventure had stumbled us onto the location of the Twilight Saga Series. Although I’ve never read the books, seeing “Jacob’s Blackberry pie” on the diner menu and spotting the restaurant where patrons can relive Bella and Edward’s first date was extremely entertaining. And they reminded us to stop by the bridal shop that houses a recreation of Bella’s prom dress, and swing by Forks’ Emergency Room to photograph Dr. Cullen’s parking spot (please note they set up a special area for tourists to photograph the hospital; please do not pass the thick yellow lines.)

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Joined SU: October 2011

Lives in: San Francisco

Favorite SU Feature: Explore Box. I always find something new and informative while Stumbling in specific sub-topics. My favorites are usually in food, music or travel when Stumbling in keywords like “Cupcakes”, “Phish” or “Madrid”.

Top 5 Interests:

Top 5 Likes (of the moment!):
Take a blast from the past: Nostalgic personal photos from one’s youth recreated by their older selves today.

And you thought you were cool: Man makes giant art installation in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. out of Rubix cubes.

I’ve gotten into baking desserts lately – yum: “Ice Cream Cake” (But Not Like You Think) Recipe.

Get ready to be creeped out: 137 Freaky Wikipedia Entries.

We’ve come a long way, baby: What the World’s Top Websites Looked Like at Launch.

Bonus: I love all the Stumbles from the 8tracks Channel!

Community Manager

About Me: I’ve lived the majority of my life in California, with a stint in Washington, but now I’m happy to call San Francisco my home. After going to school in the Bay Area and working for larger corporate companies after college, I found myself really wanting to get involved in a startup where I could have a greater impact. The opportunity to work at StumbleUpon came at the perfect time and I jumped at the chance!

My favorite thing about working with our community is how I’ve come to see StumbleUpon from a whole different perspective. Understanding how each of our Stumblers uses SU differently and what it means to them adds a new dimension to our service. I love how I get to be in touch with the human element that helps SU thrive! One of the most satisfying things about community management is seeing features and changes on site that the community team fights for come into being on the site. Knowing even the little changes will make Stumblers’ experiences that much better is extremely gratifying!

Best Recent “Real Life” Stumble:
The other day I came across the iPhone app SongKick which scans your phone’s music to let you know when artists you listen to are playing shows in your area. It’s been amazing for keeping me in the know when my favorite bands and DJs are performing so I don’t miss out on any shows I’d want to see. It’s led to some great nights and stellar memories – I highly recommend it!

Joined SU: November 2010

Lives in: San Fran!

Fav SU Feature: Sharing! I’m addicted! Every day I am constantly sharing interesting finds and Likes with my friends and coworkers. It’s to the point where I may need to start regulating myself (unlikely.)

Top 5 Interests:

Top 5 Likes (of the moment!):
Always inspiring me to travel, this video Stumble, Around the World in 5 Minutes, really gives me the itch to plan a trip.
I’ve always had a soft spot for pugs and puggles – The Pug Head Tilt is a Stumble that never fails to make me laugh.
A mashup song is always great music for work or play – this Madeon – Pop Culture (live mashup) video is a great power song.
Listing my favorite Stumbles wouldn’t be complete without food that makes me drool at my computer screen. I give you: S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.
This Stumble on the “54 Warning Signs that You Work in Social Media” made me laugh out loud with how dead-on some of the examples were (#5, 6, 12, 19, 46…).

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Social Media Marketing Manager

About Me: I’m a California native who likes to discover new people, perspectives, and experiences all the time! I’m from Los Angeles originally but came to the Bay Area after getting an English BA on the East Coast. In my spare time I like cycling, writing, doing improv comedy, hiking, and watching movies.

The best thing about Stumblers is that they’re curious. I can relate to that and I think it’s one of the best qualities anyone can have! They go to StumbleUpon to find something new. I find it really gratifying to share great content with Stumblers and hear that it touched them in some way. With all the different kinds of things you can Stumble, there are a lot of great people to interact with on a daily basis. There’s something for everyone!

Best Recent “Real Life” Stumble: I recently ran into a former coworker on the subway and we caught up over lunch. We were just acquaintances I worked in her cubicle three years ago, but there’s just something about serendipity that creates friendships!

Joined SU: April 2010

Lives in: Oakland, CA

Fav SU Feature: Channels are a great place to kick off your Stumbling experience if you want to see what your favorite sites and people are into. I’m excited about the kinds of interaction and opportunities Channels will develop over the coming months!

Top 5 Interests:

Top 5 Likes: is truly a feast for the eyes.

I love it when fabulous photography tells a story in a way words can’t, like in these Top 50 Pictures for 2011. [just a warning: one photo has some graphic material here.]

Sometimes you’ll find content on StumbleUpon you’ll never think existed – like these photos of clever uses of bent objects. Punny too!

Most Amazing Time Lapse Video Ever- This time lapse video of the Milky Way gives me chills. It was also our most beautiful Stumble of 2011!

I love hopping over to Tiny Buddha Quotes when I need a burst of inspiration.

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