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On Monday we talked about how to increase your blog’s visibility on StumbleUpon by engaging with other Stumblers. Today I’ll talk about what you can do with your own material to set yourself up for success:

1. Make the gist of any page obvious, and enable easy exploration of your site. Stumblers are eager to discover new content and information, and they’ll often engage deeply with a site they’ve stumbled upon if it’s clear from the landing page that further exploration will be rewarded.  So think of any page on your site on which a Stumbler arrives as a foyer, beckoning your visitor to explore further.  Visuals and concise writing coupled with links to similar content elsewhere on your site invite this deeper exploration. pulls visitors into content at first glance and then makes it easy to discover other talks on the site.

Also, specific is better. Stumblers may not know just where to look if they see your home page, but an article with a specific subject will be easier to remember, discuss and share with friends.

2. Try StumbleUpon Ads. If you have budget to promote your blog, StumbleUpon Ads is the most direct option we offer for you to reach and engage with new audiences. You can cost-effectively target the topics and demographic groups you want to attract, or leave that up to us with auto-targeting.  You’ll then be able to easily track how the StumbleUpon community rates your content. If your content is especially popular, you’ll get a free organic traffic boost. For more about StumbleUpon Ads, visit

3. Get StumbleUpon Badges. A StumbleUpon badge is a fast and easy way for your readers to submit, rate, and share your content to StumbleUpon, and they’re becoming more and more crucial to getting your content discovered as users opt for our web bar over browser extensions. The web bar doesn’t require users to download any software to use it, but web bar users can’t rate, review or submit content that isn’t attached to a StumbleUpon badge.

Once a user submits your page, we’ll recommend it to those in our community of nearly 14 million (and growing) people who are most likely to engage with it. (We’re able to do this by analyzing dozens of signals pointing to a user’s content preferences.) The more your content resonates with these users, the more likely it will find its way to an expanding circle of users to the tune of over 25M stumbles per day!

For bloggers with little time or inclination to customize the look, feel and functionality of our badge, our no-coding-required, cut-and-paste badges are ideal. For bloggers who’d prefer more control over the badge’s look, feel and functionality, we now offer a badge API. This feature provides access to all the information you need to build your own badge, plus other great information that may be valuable to you, such as whether or not a given URL is in our index, how many stumbles a page has received, and the URL’s thumbnail and Info page on StumbleUpon.

Discover magazine used StumbleUpon's badge API to build a custom badge on their site that invites readers to rate an article positively with a thumb-up icon.

4. Use If you use to shorten links to your posts, you’ll be able to simultaneously publish your articles on three fronts (Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon). Plus, you’ll be automatically submitting your post to StumbleUpon and inviting Stumblers to rate your content immediately after they click your “’d” link. also offers easy-to-use analytics that tell you the best times of day to post your particular content on Twitter and Facebook to maximize your chances of getting clicked, stumbled, and shared. For more on how to use, check out our articles in the help center.

StumbleUpon’s community of engaged and active members is always eager to discover content and information that’s relevant to their individual interests and passions. We hope this summary helps you tap into this eager audience more effectively.  If you have any questions about custom badge implementation, contact us at Also, check in on our Ads Blog if you’re interested in learning more about how to increase your readership or customers with StumbleUpon.

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