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We’re always looking for new opportunities to bring the surprise-filled Stumbling experience you love to more devices and platforms. Starting today, we are pleased to bring you a great Stumbling experience on Windows 8 Release Preview, available now in the Windows Store.

StumbleUpon’s new Metro-style app for Windows 8 Release Preview has been designed to be fast and fluid, touch-optimized, and most of all clean and simple–just like Windows 8.

The streamlined, full-screen experience of the Windows Metro-style UI is a terrific way to showcase the immersive experience of Stumbling. The intuitive user controls and virtually boundless Web make it easy to discover new and interesting things. Enjoy hours exploring the parts of the Web most relevant to you simply by selecting the “Stumble!” button on the app bar or by choosing from recommended Stumbles on the home page or when snapped. Great stuff is just a tap or click away.

Enjoy Stumbling recommendations in an immersive Stumbling experience.

With the StumbleUpon app for Windows 8 Release Preview you can:

  • Stumble seamlessly – Discover great web pages, photos, videos and more in an immersive full-screen experience.
  • Share with anyone – Share the content you discover with other Stumblers or with people using other Metro-style apps using the Share charm.
  • View your Likes – Quickly browse through your Likes in a visually rich grid view.
  • Explore specific interests – Enter a word or phrase using the in Search charm to discover related pages via StumbleUpon’s Explore Box.
  • Preview Stumbles – You can snap the StumbleUpon app and view recommended Stumbles, even when you’re using another app.
  • Stay Connected – See recommended Stumbles directly in the StumbleUpon tile before launching the app.

Use the Share charm to share content with other Metro-style apps.

We hope those of you with Windows 8 devices will enjoy exploring the stuff on the Web that matters to you from your Windows PC or tablet. If you want to learn more, head to our Help Center to get your StumbleUpon Windows 8 questions answered.

And if you aren’t on a Windows 8 device or haven’t tried our other existing StumbleUpon apps, give our 4.5 star-rated iPhone and iPad app or 4.6 star-rated Android app a try today.

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