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East Africa is experiencing its worst drought in 60 years. Over 440,000 desperate Somalis have flooded into the refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya, making it the largest in the world. News coverage and donations for aid have been slow to trickle in, leading President Obama to urge for more public awareness.

When the disaster hit, the World Food Programme turned to StumbleUpon to help drive greater awareness of the situation and feed starving people in Dadaab. The WFP created a site that calls stumblers to either complete a quiz to feed a child or donate directly to feed people affected by this catastrophe.

StumbleUpon donated credit in our Paid Discovery marketing platform to the WFP that brought these donation sites directly to members of our community. By stumbling, sharing, and engaging with the WFP sites, you, our amazing Stumblers, helped feed over 5,000 starving people in urgent need of help.

As a token of appreciation, Martin Penner of WFP has shared a few words with you directly from the camp:

World Food Programme representative Martin Penner created this video from Dadaab, Kenya to thank Stumblers for feeding 3,000 refugees in dire need. Since this video was posted, Stumblers have helped feed an additional 2,000!

It is heartwarming and humbling to see stumblers not only discover new things, but make a profound impact at the same time.

In an effort to help causes like the WFP more regularly, StumbleUpon is excited to announce a new program called Stumbling for Good. Each month, we will donate Paid Discovery credit to three non-profit organizations to help spread the word about their cause.

If you know of a non-profit organization that does great work, feel free to recommend them for the Stumbling for Good program by emailing

And for our Stumblers passionate about social justice, share websites like the WFP’s with your friends whenever you stumble upon them and spread the word!

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