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In a previous post, I talked about how StumbleThru allows users to discover content within a domain as if they’re on a “personalized tour of a given site.” It’s a fun and efficient way for users to consume a tailored stream of content from a site they want to explore more in depth. But if you’re a site-owner, you may be wondering whether StumbleThru is as good for publishers as it is for users. I wanted to share a few stats and a success story from one of our partners to demonstrate that StumbleThru is every bit as effective in fulfilling the goals of publishers as it is in fulfilling those of users!

We now syndicate the StumbleThru experience to publisher domains, enabling creators and content providers to leverage the StumbleUpon secret sauce and apply it directly on their property to further engage users. Through the implementation of a customizable button, sites can offer their users a personalized, StumbleUpon-powered, guided tour of their content. By surfacing content to a site’s visitors that’s been curated and favorably rated by like-minded people from StumbleUpon’s community of over 15 million members, site operators keep visitors on their domain longer, thereby increasing page views. Additionally, Syndicated StumbleThru encourages visitors to spend more time on a site once they’ve stumbled upon it. Interestingly, we’ve observed users switch from clicking the Stumble button on their bar to clicking the StumbleThru button on a partner’s site, indicating that Syndicated StumbleThru can decrease the bounce rates some content creators experience with StumbleUpon referrals.

I thought I’d share some of the results we’ve seen with our initial set of Syndicated StumbleThru partners. Based on Google Analytics and DoubleClick AdPlanner data, Syndicated StumbleThru traffic sees 1.8 times as many page views per visit. and spends 2.1 times as much time on site than the rest of these sites’ traffic. This means that, on average, StumbleThru traffic is around two times as engaged as other traffic on a site! Of course, actual usage of Syndicated StumbleThru on a site will vary based on look, feel, and placement of the button. But think about it this way: if you can get 10% of your website traffic to use the tool, it will drive almost 20% of your page views! We think this data confirms it’s an effective alternate navigation method for both publishers and users., which features astounding photographic images, was one of our first Syndicated StumbleThru partners. This is how their original implementation looked (note the “Stumble 1x” button in their nav bar):

And this is how Syndicated StumbleThru traffic compared to other traffic on‘s site (based on Ad Planner stats):

In terms of page views/visit for, Syndicated StumbleThru traffic is 2.6 times as engaged as overall traffic. In terms of time on site, Syndicated StumbleThru traffic is 2.4 times as engaged. recently launched a beautiful redesign on which there is a floating, persistent StumbleThru button. Take a look!

I’ll leave you with a few testimonials from users and employees on the Syndicated StumbleThru experience:

“The benefit of StumbleThru is that you get the right content for you in just one click. Personalized search is very, very useful!” – Plamen Gachey, user

“ It is interesting to see what StumbleThru will recommend for you. You can go through pages (or photos) which you would not otherwise notice.” – Janko Cvitas, user

“ It can ease the navigation through the site by allowing direct access to the photos of most interest to you.” – Raluca Butnaru, user

“You are able to see more of one website especially one with so much beautiful photography.” – Cindy Westendorf, user

“It is great for business! It keeps people in your site, giving you and the artists plenty of exposure. For me, I get to see a lot of stunning photography, which I love.” – Jenni Lanser, user

“The overall traffic of the site has increased after we introduced StumbleThru…I must say that the kind of traffic StumbleThru produces is terrific!” – Ralf Stelander, founder

If you’re interested in exploring how you might take advantage of Syndicated StumbleThru, send us a note at

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