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Forgot about Mother’s Day? Scrounging for a last minute present? Get Mom the gift of stumbling – after all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, right? In a few quick steps, your mom can quickly set up an account and start stumbling her favorite topics.

Debbi is a StumbleUpon Mom in the truest sense – her son Ben has been an engineer with us for several years – and she currently has over 5,000 favorites. She thinks of StumbleUpon as an online diary recording what she finds interesting on a given day. She calls stumbling “an important form of expression” that helps you “share what is going on with others around the globe.” She uses StumbleUpon to stay connected to Ben, since they live thousands of miles apart: “I also love to see what Ben stumbles, and often share a link, usually Marx Bros videos,” she says. “I always smile when he favorites what I share with him, so I feel a connection, as I live on the East Coast in South Carolina.”

Debbi’s profile on StumbleUpon

Moms like Debbi have big jobs to do, so we’ve highlighted ways that Stumbling can come in handy as source of inspiration or research tool:

Hosting a Dinner Party

Decorating a House

Rest and Relaxation

Here are some more of our favorite Mom-related topics, to get her started:

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