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True to form, StumbleUpon delivered the unexpected to Geoffrey Havens‘ laptop: the perfect summer internship opportunity.

Earlier this year, Geoffrey, who’s a freshman history major at Truman State University, was stumbling all of his subscribed interests (which include Outdoors and Hiking) when he landed on the Student Conservation Association web site. His eyes went straight to the “hot internships” link and he applied almost immediately. He ended up landing the gig, and this summer he’ll be giving tours and helping at the Gallatin National Forest visitor’s center in Montana.

Stumbler Geoffrey Havens takes a break at an old mining station during an 80 mile backpacking trip.

Geoffrey says this internship gives him more of a “bigger picture” opportunity than others he had sought through search engines and referrals from friends and family. He says that before using StumbleUpon to find the SCA site, he didn’t realize that he could land an internship like this one, with the potential to get his foot in the door for a National Park Service position in a few years.

“It’s nice to see that StumbleUpon’s not just for procrastination,” Geoffrey says. “It can help out with life itself. I’m a step closer to doing what I want to do because of StumbleUpon.”

In an effort to hear more stories like Geoffrey’s, we want to tell all soon-to-be graduates or anyone looking for internship and job opportunities at any time of life how to use StumbleUpon to bring them closer to their calling. We’ve also gathered some general tips and ideas for other life paths to help make the transition from college to the real world.

(We found these sites by stumbling through the links on the Graduate or Graduating discover pages, which feature a variety of content on budgeting, moving, finding jobs, or thinking about grad school that you would have otherwise had to individually and intently search for. Try browsing Arts, Photography, or really anything to gain some inspiration and maybe discover your true calling in life. For more resources, try adding interests related to your field such as Accounting, Business, Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing, Marketing or Real Estate under the Commerce category.)

Jobs & Further Schooling

Living & Lifestyle

Moving Out & Up

Whether you’re graduating or just moving to another city and job, you’ll need some tips for the transition:

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  • Planning on moving to a new city? Check out this stumble for where you can find city information to learn about your new town before you go.
  • If you’re going somewhere really far, plan ahead with this guide on How to Move Out Of State.


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