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StumbleUpon is great for finding unique craft ideas and scrumptious recipes.  Easter presents a perfect opportunity to put some of those stumbled art projects and culinary suggestions into action! Here are a few Easter-related craft and confectionary stumbles to get you started:

You'll wow your Easter crowds with these chocolate-covered and dyed Easter eggs.

Egg Decoration

- Chocolate Easter Surprise Eggs: Real eggs dyed, coated with chocolate and then stuffed with candy and a small surprise (pictured above).
- Elegant Easter Eggs: Ideas for painted, stickered, and naturally dyed eggs and more.
- Tie Easter Eggs: Eggs wrapped in the fabric from ties.

Baskets & Puppets

- Fabric Coils Easter Baskets: Complex but awesome baskets made out of coils of fabric.
- Fabric Covered Baskets: A simpler version of an old basket revamped with new fabrics.
- Easter Bunny Puppets: Cute bunny puppets that can also be used to hold Easter treats.


- Cadbury Crème Brul’egg: Cadbury Crème eggs cooked into the center of crème brulee – mmmm.
- Chocolate Coconut Eggs: Homemade candies of shredded coconut encased in chocolate.
- Chocolate-Covered Peeps: Peeps dipped in chocolate, combining the best of both worlds!

These treats and crafts should help make your Easter party or function a hopping good time for everyone. For more Easter ideas, check out the curated pages under the Easter tag or stumble through the Crafts interest.



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