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Following other people on StumbleUpon is a great way to discover amazing content you would never have found otherwise. One of the most frequently requested features from our community has been the ability to see what you have in common with other Stumblers. We’ve taken that feedback and expanded what was formerly known as the similarity meter on Profile pages so it’s now easier to follow and connect with people sharing your Interests and Likes.

Now, whenever you visit another member’s Profile page, you’ll see a section on the right side of the page we’re calling the similarity panel. This panel shows you how much you have in common with that Stumbler, as well as how many followers and additions he or she has amassed.

Here’s a quick guide to the similarity panel:

  • Followers:
    Shows you how many other people are following that member on StumbleUpon. A Stumbler with a lot of followers is often someone who discovers great content. Following that person can improve the quality of the web pages that StumbleUpon recommends to you.
  • Additions:
    Shows you how many new pages that member has added to the StumbleUpon index so you can follow content experts and noteworthy contributors.
  • Common Interests:
    Shows you how many Interests you and that member both follow. If you click through, you’ll see exactly which Interests you share.
  • Common Channels:
    Shows you which brand, site and people Channels you and that member both follow.
  • Common Likes:
    Shows you which web pages you both Like.

Connecting with similar Stumblers makes your Stumbling experience better, and we hope this similarity panel helps you find like-minded people to connect with on StumbleUpon more easily. It may also help you get to better know the people you already follow. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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