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At Media consultants are avid fans of StumbleUpon as a brand discovery and creative marketing brainstorming tool to use with our clients. Here’s how that plays out:

1. Brand Discovery – When we meet with a client, we conduct two in-depth interviews with questionnaires that guide the thought process on the client’s brand: market, industry, slogans, positioning, etc. Then we get to work doing market research for information and visuals on the market place, industry, peers and competition. This is where StumbleUpon is incredibly handy – we spend hours Stumbling the client’s industry/topic, finding things that we would have never found with even in-depth Google web and image searches. It’s incredibly effective with newer industries like blogs, commerce and content providers, and other types of newer web market trends.

2. Creative – Inexperienced designers or agencies often jump right into the creative without doing that brand discovery phase. But after Stumbling, our team has now “mind-mapped” the identity of the company, identified key market information, and are ready to start the design process. To find ideas for logos, business cards, letterheads, front facades, products and more, we use StumbleUpon again to get inspiration and great examples of competitive work.

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Down the road, after the client’s website is designed, developed and launched, we use StumbleUpon to aid the SEM process, identifying comparable sites and commenting on them with links back to our client’s site and finding potential partners in the client’s industry to link up with, follow on Twitter and send an intro email to. We also add StumbleUpon icons to our client’s site and make sure that everyone is submitting relevant pages to StumbleUpon to help users find them. This is a revolving door of brand awareness that we honestly could not do as well without StumbleUpon.


One example of a client we advised by Stumbling is Dynamic Solar, one of the largest fully integrated solar developers for commercial, industrial and non-profit customers based on the East Coast. They have been a growing company and are becoming a leader in an industry where it takes serious work to keep up with state and federal alternative energy policies. Top quality information regarding these changing incentives is considered just one facet that differentiates Dynamic Solar from their competition. Dynamic recognized that their current branded materials did not accurately represent their current position, so they employed At Media to redesign their materials.



How At Media Used StumbleUpon:

At Media performed a brief brand discovery on Dynamic Solar’s company by evaluating what their current brand stood for and how it was represented throughout their marketing materials. We used StumbleUpon to find industry-related materials on the web. Our creative team Stumbled Interests and Explore Box terms like ‘solar,’ ‘energy,’ ‘environment’ and more, Stumbling on some of the most inspirational and informational resources online. We discovered solar energy magazines that were otherwise buried so deep on the Web that we would have likely not found them using Bing or Google. We used to have to purchase magazines and books that specialized in the client’s industry, which of course slowed turn-around time and increased costs for the client and the agency. Needless to say that because of StumbleUpon, our clients are happy that we no longer have to purchase printed materials, and our creative team is thrilled to have this value-added tool to continue finding inspiration we would have otherwise missed!

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