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As a college student, chances are good you’re not exactly rolling in dough. Between tuition, textbooks, housing and a meal plan…can you say “student loans”? When it comes to your social life, you’re probably getting by on whatever pennies you’ve saved from your summer job, or maybe you’re just thanking your lucky stars whenever you get a birthday check from Aunt Millie. Either way, StumbleUpon is here to help you out! Here are 7 money-saving tips and tricks to help you get through your undergraduate years with change to spare.

1) Managing your expenses can seem overwhelming at first, but there are lots of awesome resources out there to help you get started. First things first, try Stumbling through the Financial Planning Interest to find tools like Mint’s Best Budgeting Calculators for College Students.

2) Sometimes you need a break from the college diet of ramen noodles and dining hall fare. Instead of going out to a restaurant, have a potluck with your friends, and try making some of the drool-worthy recipes on these Lists: Comfort Food Like Momma Makes, Yum! and Killer Recipes.

3) Your dorm room may be approximately the size of a shoebox, but you still want to spice it up. Rather than shelling out for expensive decorations, make your own! Explore Home Improvement, Homemaking or Interior Design for great Stumbles like these 50 Practically Free Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room.

4) No money for a gym membership? No problem. Check out the Fitness Interest and you’ll find great ideas for dorm room workouts. You can also check out this Exercise Ideas List or our blog post for more!

5) Uh oh…it’s time to head home for the holidays, and holidays mean gifts. As this article points out, there are plenty of ways to give great gifts without breaking the bank. Get ideas for making your own gifts by Stumbling through the Crafts Interest or the DIY My Life and Come On, Just Do It Yourself! Lists.

6) You’ve been checking out that cute guy or girl in lecture hall for months, you finally mustered up the nerve to ask them out, and now you’re in first-date planning territory. Rather than splurging on cocktails and a fancy meal, check out Dating Tips and try one of these cheap date ideas just for college students.

7) Sure, every college student needs that once-in-a-lifetime Spring Break in Tijuana, but there’s no need to wipe out your bank account to have a good time. When you’re planning Spring Break, explore the Travel Interest and find budget-stretching resources like $9 Airfare and 9 Other Travel Hacks or The 20 Best Travel Websites on the Internet.

Now that you’re a money-saving master, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the college lifestyle! In case you missed our announcement last month, be sure to check out our UniversityofSU profile, complete with awesome Lists like Welcome to Dorm Life, The Bizarre and Odd of College, Freshmen 15+ Stumbles, Greek Life, My Major is Procrastination and more.

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