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Halloween is just a week away so chances are you’ve already got your costume and plans for the evening finalized, but as with most holidays, Halloween has been stretched into a season that seems to last the whole month. So what can you do on the other nights of Halloween to get ready for the real deal?

A Halloween movie night is a fun and paycheck-friendly way to get friends and family together for some thrills – besides you wouldn’t want to watch these movies alone. We’ve compiled a Horror Movie Night list of a few of our favorite horror movie and snack Stumble pairings for your viewing pleasure.

People think horror movies aren’t for everyone, but our List has flicks for every level of scary. Here are some highlights from our Horror Movie Night List.

The Shining and Creepy Finger Cookies Fear rating:  ☠☠☠☠
The Shining is an indisputable horror classic, even if you’ve seen it already it’s infinitely re-watchable and flat-out creepy.

Having trouble convincing your roommates to watch it with you? Trick them with this recut trailer.

Match this movie with these creepy finger cookies and scare your friends with your own rendition of “REDRUM.”


Vertigo and Spider Cakes Fear rating: ☠☠
Want to keep it classic but avoid needing to spend the night sleeping with the lights on? Hitchcocks’ Vertigo puts a noir spin on a horror mystery aimed right at one of the most primal human fears.

Pair the movie with a treat inspired by an animal that isn’t afraid of heights with these spider-cake treats. Even your arachnophobic friends will have trouble keeping these out of their mouths.


Event Horizon and an Alien Cheeseball Fear rating: ☠☠☠
Perhaps you like your horror a little more out of this world. Event Horizon should take all the interplanetary exploration enthusiasm out of you faster than the vacuum of space.

This creepy cheeseball is an easy movie snack to prepare that is alien enough to keep you feeling like you’re in space till it’s gone.


Evil Dead II And Meat Hand Meatloaf Fear rating: ☠☠
There’s also a host of of underappreciated cult horror films ranging from hilarious, to brutal, to bizarre. If this your first time sinking your teeth into cult horror, do yourself a favor and check out Evil Dead II or anyone one of these video store staff-pick gems.

Since these scenes might have already spoiled your appetite we’ve paired this movie with this, er, “appetizing” meat hand meatloaf .

International Horror Films and Shrunken Heads Fear rating: ☠☠☠☠☠
Some of the best horror films in recent years have been imported or were adapted from horror films originally produced abroad. Japan is well-known for its horror exports, but they’re not the only ones terrorizing theatres, check out some of these films from other parts of the globe.

Our pick is The Orphanage,  bonus points for watching the original Spanish version.

Pair it with something equally as creepy like these Shrunken Heads in Cider. Drink your cider with  this Horror Movie Drinking game to give you a little extra liquid courage.

The Nightmare Before Christmas and Bone Cookies Fear rating: ☠
And finally for those of you who won’t dare to watch even the mildest of horror movies, a good standby is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here’s one of our favorite scenes!

Did those skeletons leave you feeling famished? Bake up some of these bone cookies!


Need some more recipes? Check out these collections of amazing Halloween recipes with sides, mains, desserts and more. Keep Stumbling for more Halloween content! It’s never too early to start planning next year’s horror movie night!

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