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Once you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the StumbleUpon app for Android, you’ll notice we have a completely refreshed look and feel. So how do you get to the good stuff? Worry not, we’ve prepared a simple guide to help you find your way through the newest features.

Exploring the App Home Page:

The home page is where you’ll go each time you sign in to the app. You’ll notice there are four different tiles where you can choose four different ways of Stumbling.

Recommended for You: This is the default Stumble mode that shows you personalized recommendations based on your Likes and Interests. You can also hit the Stumble button on the bottom of the home page to Stumble Recommended.
Stumble an Interest: Tapping here will open a menu where you can choose from specific kinds of Stumbles such as Photos or Videos, or you can Stumble in just one of the Interests you follow.
Stumble Activity: See what your connections are Stumbling and what Stumble Experts recommend in the Interests you follow. Follow Experts to increase the quality of your Stumbles.
Stumble Trending: Stumble the most popular content as determined by Stumblers. This will include content outside of the Interests you follow and is a great way to discover new Interests.

Stumble DNA

Rating your Stumbles is important because it gives us feedback on the quality of recommendations we’ve given you, but now there’s even more reason to thumb up or thumb down your Stumbles. Stumble DNA is a visual breakdown of your Likes and is useful for seeing how similar you are to other Stumblers. Each color represents your Likes in a different category.
Note to Adult Stumblers; if you choose not to publicly display Adult DNA it will not be publicly reflected on your DNA, but will be visible to you.


When you tap or swipe your screen to go to a new Stumble, you’ll see a preview of the upcoming Stumble, a feature we call “Slide.” The Slide feature allows you to skip Stumbles you are not interested in without having to wait for the Stumble to fully load. You can also skip the preview by tapping on the Slide tile.


We’ve reduced the number of buttons on the app screen in order to leave more screen space for content, but you’ll still find the same features nested within the simplified menus. The navigation bars are designed to hide when you are scrolling, but you can bring them back up by a single tap on the screen. The Stumble button is always at the bottom center of your screen allowing you quickly jump to your next recommendation. The Like(thumb up) and Dislike(thumb down) buttons – the keys to better Stumbles – are found to the right and left of the Stumble button, respectively. On the bottom left you’ll find the Share button where you can choose a variety of methods for Sharing your Stumbles or open the Stumble in your device’s browser app. On the bottom right the More button will allow you to reload a page or report an issue with a Stumble. On the top right the Menu button will allow you to view your Profile, the StumbleUpon Help Center or sign out of the app. Lastly, the SU logo on the top left of every page will take you back to the home page.

We hope this helps you get started on your Android Stumbling adventure! Get more info about the app by checking out our Help Center Article here: As always, we encourage your feedback and ideas in our community forums at:

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