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Photojojo founder and entrepreneur Amit Gupta.

Meet Amit Gupta: founder of Photojojo and Jelly, organizer of entrepreneurial events like BarCamp, thought leader who contributed to a WSJ best-seller about remarkable businesses, and an all-around great guy. Unfortunately, the most recent descriptor he’s taken on is acute leukemia sufferer, and he has less than 20 days to find a bone marrow match. What’s making matters worse is that because Amit is of South Asian descent, he’s severely underrepresented in the donor pool. Most people have an 80% chance of finding a donor, but for South Asians, that number drops to 1 in 20,000.

The tech world has already responded to Amit’s need and organized swab drives around the world to help Amit find his match. We’ll be hosting our own drive on Wednesday, November 16 from 2 to 6 pm PST at StumbleUpon headquarters in the SoMA neighborhood of San Francisco. More details can be found on our MeetUp page, or you can go ahead and sign up for a slot now (you may need to click on November 16 to locate the time options). The appointment takes only 10 minutes and involves filling out paperwork and using a cotton swab to collect a saliva sample. Totally painless. For more on what to expect from a swab drive, check out this FAQ.

Also, if you’re organizing a bone marrow swab drive of your own, email with the URL you’ve set up for the cause and we’ll give you a code to redeem for $250 worth of Paid Discovery traffic. You’ll be able to reach Stumblers anywhere!

If you’re not in the San Francisco area, check out the drives happening around the country here:

There’s no better use for social media than to help people in need, so let’s tap the power of the crowd.

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