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Stumblers, in the last couple of days, some of you may have noticed several short site outages. We thought we’d explain what’s been going on behind the scenes and what to expect in the following days. With more people discovering StumbleUpon and stumbling at ever increasing rates, we couldn’t be happier!  To keep up with your unquenchable thirst for discovering the unexpected, we need to scale our infrastructure.

So, this week, we will be upgrading our data center. We’re doing this in order to have more power and more room for growth.  As part of this process, we’ll be retiring some old machines that have been working non-stop for over two years. We’re also rebuilding our infrastructure to make it better and more resilient.

Does anyone remember this TV show?

Therefore, in the following days we expect to have some short scheduled maintenance downtime, during which the entire site or sections of the site will not be available. As Benoit, one of our Site Reliability Engineers, jokingly put it, it’s like “performing a surgery on an athlete while he’s running the race of his life.” We’ll try our best to minimize downtime, so that this under-the-hood operation is not too disruptive.

If you happen to see any weirdness in the next couple of days, don’t panic! You can write to us in our Get Satisfaction forums and we’ll do our best to respond to each and every one of you. We will also post real-time updates on Twitter, so follow us there, as well.

And if you don’t notice anything amiss during the next few days, kudos to our superstar Ops Team, who’ve been working around the clock to ensure a smooth upgrade.

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