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I’m a sucker for cute animal videos online. Give me a photo of a puppy hugging a cat and I’ll likely stare at it all day. A stumble of a kitten holding on to a tree with an inspirational “hang in there” title… forget about it! You’ll see me in the winter when I emerge from cute video stumbling.

The warm fuzzies seem to be widely enjoyed by the StumbleUpon community so I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you all. Prepare for some “awwww” moments, Stumblers!

First is Within a few seconds you’ll see mini corgis, a dog playing with a duck, or a bunny playing soccer. Click ‘Next Cuteness’ on the righthand side to bring on the next cute exploration. Try it out, but beware of the time you’re about to spend and the smiles so big they will hurt your face later.

The blog Hipster Puppies shows dogs adopting the hipster lifestyle.

One of my other favorite sites is Hipster Puppies. See dogs wearing their summer scarves, ironic band t-shirts, and thick black wire-framed glasses. Whether you love it or hate it, hipster attire is quite a phenomenon worldwide and this site takes it a step further, extending it to dogs in this playful jest. See coco who fakes gluten allergies because “they are in,” samson’s awesome fauxhawk, king’s locavore eating habits. When San Francisco is cold and gloomy, the morning commute especially slow, or the coffee machine empty, I turn to Hipster Puppies for a quick cheer-up, and the day is once again alright.

Here’s some other quick links:
Zooborns - Domestic pets aren’t the only cuties – look at wild animal newborns.
Kittenwar – Vote on which cat is cuter or submit yours!
Puppywar – If you’re not into kittens or cats so much, vote on puppies instead!
Dogs with Glasses: Because even your dog can be a nerd.
Cute Overload - So much cuteness it’s an overload!

Also any animal lover fantasizes about owning a huge farm, adopting a bunch of puppies, and letting them run around free resulting in a huge cuddle fest at the end of the day…Or is that just me? Here are a few of my favorite pet adoption organizations if you share that dream:

Petfinder lets you search through adoptable pets.
ASPCA fights animal abuse and has animals up for adoption. is a San Francisco organization that specializes in older dogs. is another awesome animal rescue organization where you can also adopt pigs and horses. Take a look and maybe you’ll find your next best friend!

Also, type these terms into the Explore Box: “cute,” “kitten,” “puppy,” or “cute baby pictures” for even more adorable pick-me-ups.

And of course, my favorite cutie is my dog Vera. See us playing here:

Here I am facing off with Vera.

So go forth and stumble to make the world a bit more happy and cute.

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