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We’re all bombarded by an overwhelming array of statistics and numbers in the news or, we admit, on company blogs like ours. It can be particularly dizzying when you try to wrap your head around especially big numbers – like our userbase, which reached 11 million strong recently. I was trying to picture what 11 million Stumblers might look like, and it turns out that if all of our registered users lined up and held hands, they’d stretch from Anchorage, Alaska to Los Angeles, CA, and then from Los Angeles to New York City! That’s quite a StumbleLine!

It seems like just yesterday we hosted our rockin’ 10 Million Users party. Since then, it’s taken us 107 days to go from 10 to 11 million users – which for those keeping score at home, was faster than going from 9 to 10 million users, in large part thanks to the successful launch of our iPhone and Android apps and our growing base of highly engaged Facebook fans (over 180,000 now!). With some exciting product developments in the pipeline for the rest of the year, we hope to introduce even more people to the serendipitous discovery that StumbleUpon offers!

*For those of you intrigued/puzzled by my very scientific calculations, I assumed that the typical Stumbler’s shoulder width is about 2 feet, extending to 3 feet when holding hands on each side. Try it with your friends and see!

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Katie Gray
Communications Manager

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