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Fall is a season that’s full of changes: leaves change color, football games (and tailgates) kick off and people return to school and work. In the spirit of change, we’ve completely redesigned our StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad. We’ve made it more intuitive and more about you so you can discover great images, videos, games, recipes and more however you want, wherever you want (we even promise not to tell if you just can’t help getting in a few Stumbles during class or a meeting).

Watch a short video to see the new app in action.

(Even More) Personalized Stumbling
We’ve always personalized content for each individual Stumbler, and now we’re lifting up the hood to visually show what your personal preferences are in a rainbow stripe we call “StumbleDNA.” Your StumbleDNA is a visual representation of who you are on StumbleUpon, with colors representing different Interests that you follow. As you Like and Dislike things, your unique StumbleDNA changes to represent you and your evolving tastes. Check out other Stumblers’ StumbleDNA to discover what you might have in common.

Each Stumbler’s StumbleDNA is unique to them and their Interests.

Improved Navigation
Navigation within the app has been reimagined so you can spend more time discovering and sharing great stuff from across the Web. Stumble, rate and share all in a few seconds from the top and bottom toolbars that automatically recede to provide a full screen viewing experience. Access your Profile and Likes with one tap on your device screen.

Left: The app navigation is easily accessible from top and bottom toolbars.
Right: As you Stumble, swipe through “Slides” to quickly browse new content.

A Richer, Easier Experience with Slide
With every Stumble you’ll see a small preview –a “Slide”– of the page being recommended as it loads in the background. Swipe through different Slides to quickly browse content recommended for you.

Dynamic Home Screen
Check out what’s trending, what your connections and Interest experts recommend and other great content suggested just for you, all right from the app home screen. You’ll be amused and delighted (and maybe even surprised!) by what other people are Stumbling.

The dynamic home screen is constantly changing and refreshed with new content for you.

We’ve created what we think is an easier-to-use, more dynamic and more personalized StumbleUpon experience on mobile. But don’t take our word for it; install the new StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad now to experience it for yourself. And if you aren’t using an iPhone or iPad, don’t despair – the new StumbleUpon App for Android will be released later this Fall!

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Olivia Morad
Product Marketing Manager

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