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You may not have realized it, but who you follow on StumbleUpon impacts what web pages you’ll see when you stumble. The pages we show you are based on your past stumbles and ratings, ratings from users like you, and the ratings of friends you “follow” on StumbleUpon, among many other things. These “indirect recommendations” from friends help StumbleUpon find you new pages, and they’re why you’ll enjoy StumbleUpon even more if you follow more Stumblers.  At the same time, we realize that many of you have spent a lot of time making friends and adding followers on Facebook and Twitter. That’s why we’ve enhanced our “Find Friends on StumbleUpon” feature today and made adding friends and connections from other popular services easier.

With a Little Help From Your Friends - Find what friends and followers of yours are already using StumbleUpon with our Find Friends feature.

Who’s using Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon all at once?

Find Friends will tell you which of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers already use StumbleUpon, so you can follow them on StumbleUpon too. (Your friends will have had to allow Facebook or Twitter permission to connect with their StumbleUpon accounts). Following your friends on StumbleUpon means even better stumbles for you, allows you to see what favorites you have in common, and enables you to share the stuff you find through StumbleUpon quickly and easily.

Are you and your friend “Two of a kind” or “An unlikely duo”? Remember to check out this graphic on your friend's profile on StumbleUpon.

And in addition to connecting to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, don’t forget that you can also see which of your email contacts may already be stumbling. To make this process secure, we’re using the latest security technologies, including OAuth, and we don’t store your email account password.

Find out who’s not on StumbleUpon and invite them now!

For friends who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter or among your email contacts, we’ve built a tool for sending individual StumbleUpon invites, posting to your Facebook wall, or tweeting to all your followers. So now you can tell your friends and followers – in your own words – why they should join you on StumbleUpon!

So try out Find Friends now and connect with more of your friends on StumbleUpon. Then use the Share button on your Stumble Bar to send them the best of what you find!

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Xian Ke
Product Manager

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