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The wait for Windows 8 is finally over. And that means it’s the perfect time to buy that new PC you’ve been thinking about. At StumbleUpon, we’ve been looking forward to this as well, and that’s because we’ve created an immersive and gorgeous Stumble experience unlike any other–the StumbleUpon App for Windows 8. Dive into your Windows PC and splash around in the Internet and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. There are tons of reasons you’re going to love this new experience, but here are just a few we had to tell you about:

Start Stumbling in fun new ways
Jump into discovery right from your Start screen. Simply tap or click on the StumbleUpon app tile or live tile to jump into the app, or choose a couple of interesting Stumbles from the app Home screen. Just make sure to schedule yourself some free time, because you’re definitely going to discover fun new recipes and get lost in a sea of beautiful travel sites. Looking for inspiration? Now you can easily see what’s trending, what your connections are Liking and recommendations from Interest experts.

Get ready to enjoy a more engrossing and more personalized full-screen experience every single time you Stumble.

Pick a few interesting Stumble tiles to jumpstart your Stumble adventures.

Fun and productivity don’t need to be mutually exclusive
Working on a tedious task? Simply “snap” the StumbleUpon app next to the other app you’re using so you can temper your boredom with cool web pages, photos, and videos. Enjoy twice as many Stumble sessions with this nifty new feature. Does this mean you should go ahead and get a brand new PC? Yes, yes it does.

Snap StumbleUpon next to any other app to use both at once.

Share, search and personalize Stumbles using Charms
The StumbleUpon app is seamlessly integrated with Windows 8 so you can share, search and adjust your app settings using the same Windows charms you use for everything else. Click or tap the search charm to explore over 500 Interests – ranging from Photography to Humor to PCs – then jump right back into the Stumble pool.

Charms are easily accessible from the right edge of your device.

We’ve developed a new Windows 8 app to give you an incredibly rich and dynamic new type of Stumbling experience. We never stop thinking about how to make your Stumbling sessions more memorable, more personal and more awesome. If you still haven’t ordered your new Windows 8 PC, you can also Stumble into great stuff on your desktop using any of our extensions or on your Android tablet or iPad. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the new StumbleUpon App for Windows 8. Definitely let us know what you think!

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