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As a human-curated discovery engine, StumbleUpon relies on our users to create a collection of the best content and information on the web. We auto-magically identify most low-quality content, but sometimes nothing can beat the human brain’s ability to tell good content from bad. And while giving content a thumbs-up is a great way to say you like something, telling us what you don’t like is just as helpful.

Smokey the Bear says: “Only YOU can improve your stumbles!”


The Four Kinds of “Thumb-Down”

By thumbing down a page, you give us direction – not just about what kind of content you prefer, but also what kind of content is spammy, contains malware, or is otherwise a poor user experience. Your ratings help make your stumbles better, as well as those of your friends and like-minded community members.

The thumb-down menu has four different options for giving us feedback about a site:

  1. Not for Me – This URL is not good for you personally, but it could perform well for other users. Click thumb-down if you just don’t like the page.
  2. Report Spam – This URL is ad-heavy, promoting a scam, and/or of poor quality. It’s not a good experience for any Stumbler.
  3. Duplicate Content – You’ve already seen this content, and it looks like it was pulled from another source without referencing the original.
  4. Block this domain – Select this option when you don’t want to see any content from this domain again. This domain is not right for you personally, but it could perform well for other users.

Below are graphics showing how to access the thumbdown drop-down menu from the web bar, extensions, and the iPad app. Simply choose the one you use most often:


When you thumb-down a page on the web bar or Chrome bar, click the down arrow beside it to view the thumb-down curation menu.


If you're stumbling via our Mozilla extension, thumb-down a page you'd like to block and click the down arrow beside it.


To access the full thumb-down menu on the iPad app, tap the thumb-down icon and then hold your finger on the down arrow.


For more details on what kinds of sites fall under “spam,” “duplicate content,” and more, check out our help center or drop us a line.

Re-Categorizing a Site

Even if a site isn’t low-quality, it may be a better fit for another Interest that’s more descriptive. For example, a site about ballet should be under the “Ballet” Interest, not “Arts.” And although such situations are rare, you may find a site that’s definitely not a fit for its category, like a site in Music that should be in Food/Cooking.

To "recat" or re-categorize a page, click on the various options under "Something wrong here?" on a URL's Info page, which you can reach by clicking the speech bubble icons on the web bar or extensions.

Your feedback helps improve everyone’s stumbling experience. This type of data really helps us measure the likelihood that any given page will receive the thumbs-down from Stumblers, helping us make every single stumble awesome for you.

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