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Hi there. We’ve received lots of excellent feedback regarding the recent enhancements to the new site experience — so far, our community have given a big thumbs-up to our new features and optimized design – thanks for your suggestions!

We rolled these changes out in phases to solicit your input and ensure reliability, but now, we’re ready to make these changes permanent. On January 5, 2009, all StumbleUpon members will be switched over to the New StumbleUpon with the latest design, look and feel.

For those of you who have been with us for a long time, we appreciate your continued Stumbling. We know these changes affect you the most, but we’ve made the “Classic” design and subsequent interface available for as long as we could.

Our goal is to provide you with improved reliability and innovative features as our community grows – this new design strengthens our community by creating a unified site experience.

Many of the changes you’ll find in The New StumbleUpon were requested by members like you. We’ve offered major improvements like:

  • Stumble from anywhere, any computer, any browser—your Favorites and Reviews will be saved for you
  • Stumble through your Favorites or the Favorites of others
  • Change your password from the Web site or the Toolbar
  • Embed photos and videos in your StumbleUpon blog
  • Delete Liked and Discovered sites from your profile

We’ve made many more improvements; too many to list here. Take a closer look at The New StumbleUpon to learn more about our new site, or send us your feedback on the latest look and feel.

Thanks again for being part of StumbleUpon.

Keep Stumbling.

— The StumbleUpon Team

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