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Everyday there’s more and more content online for people to sift through, and getting your content in front of an audience that will consume it, interact with it and share it has become even harder. That’s why we’re iterating on our Dynamic Badges, giving users the opportunity to discover and share content in more places and further refine their Stumble recommendations. And the new badges also give web publishers more opportunities to get discovered!

When visitors now click on a StumbleUpon badge button, a pop-up window will emerge that looks like the graphic below.

Anatomy of a Badge

  1. (1) Stumble! button – By clicking here, a visitor will be shown similar content personalized to his or her individual tastes and preferences. If the site is one of our StumbleThru partners, the visitor will be able to stumble through content from that specific domain.
  2. (2) “I like it!” button – If a page is already indexed by StumbleUpon, clicking here will bookmark the page for the user and further refine the content recommendations that user receives.  If a page is not already indexed by StumbleUpon, clicking here will allow the user to submit it to our site directory.
  3. (3) People who like this page – Clicking any of these avatars will link a user to the profile pages of other Stumblers who also liked it.  If the user is logged into StumbleUpon, they’ll see members of their social discovery network in this list – though this is also a great way for users to meet other like-minded Stumblers who they might not already know!
  4. (4) Views and Reviews – The number of views and reviews for a piece of content is shown here, adding credibility to the site and more information for the user.  Clicking here takes the user to the reviews page for that content.
  5. (5) Multi-network sharing – Clicking on the Facebook, Twitter, or email icons will allow users to share via any of these channels.
  6. To add these badges, visit our Badges page and choose from our set of custom options, select your site or blog platform, and then add the code to your site.

    If you’d like to become a StumbleThru partner, email us here!

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