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Given that many of you may be stuck inside during an unusually harsh season, here’s some cheer: a sleighful of snowy photographs for you to enjoy the great winter landscapes and cityscapes around the world.

After stumbling around, I discovered several impressive winter wonders across the globe. In Switzerland, you’ll find picturesque mountains as well as the enchanting “Ice Palace” of Schwarzsee. This frozen tsunami was shot in Antarctica, where the average winter temperature is -30 degrees Farenheit. What about winter on the top of the world? This 360-degree panorama from the top of Mount Everest shows some spectacular views. For something a little closer to home, check out’s Winter Photo Contest with photos from across the US including Alaska, Maine, and the winning photo from also sponsored a contest for 2010’s best winter photograph that had some great submissions.

Discover inspiring winter landscape shots like these on Beauty in Everything.

A photo of a calm winterscape from 30 Excellent Examples of Snow Photography.

But great winter shots don’t have to just show nature, as this assortment of photos taken on the city streets in Maine proves. “Let it Snow” also has heartwarming images of people and animals braving the winter cold outside. Even farms and their equipment make for interesting subjects when blanketed with a fresh coat of snow.

If you’re looking for something beyond the typical wide-framed shots of snowy plains and mountains, you’ll find unique, engaging images on Beauty in Everything. Dynamic lighting, angles, and subjects make these winter photos downright delightful.

There’s something to be said for the stumbles of solo photos as well – some too good not to mention include this eerie shot of a forest at dusk or this sunrise over a snow-kissed lake.

Finally, take a moment to enjoy some of my personal favorites on Beautiful Examples of Winter Photography, Great Examples of Winter Inspired Photography, 30 Excellent Examples of Snow Photography or Snowy Winter Photography – all sites dedicated to collections of stunning images gathered from other great photo gallery sites like and

Interested in taking photos and starting your own winter photography collection? Read “How to Photograph Winter Scenes” for some great tips and pointers (if you end up with some real winners, submit them in this year’s winter photo competition on!). StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp has even gotten into taking winter photos in a recent trip to New York where he captured two snowy streets: one with an orange glow from street lights and another that almost looks black and white.

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