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Here at StumbleUpon, we’re always testing and iterating. Lately we’ve embraced Selenium, a popular open-source tool for developing automated tests of web sites. It’s helped us quickly test functionality such as advertiser registration, advertiser credit-card charges, scheduled posts, and StumbleThru on the web bar. That’s why we were excited to host the latest Selenium Meet-Up at our San Francisco office last Tuesday, when Kohsuke Kawaguchi gave a talk on “Hudson, Distributed Builds, and Selenium.”

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MAKING QA EASIER Kohsuke Kawaguchi talks about Hudson, the open-source continuous integration tool he created, at the monthly Selenium Meetup hosted at StumbleUpon last Tuesday.

Kawaguchi is the creator of Hudson, a widely-used open-source tool for continuous integration (CI). In his presentation to 65 software QA engineers, he said that Hudson provides fast evaluation and reporting to engineering and QA teams. Whenever a developer commits a change to source code, Hudson can build the web site or application from that source, execute Selenium tests to determine if any functionality has been broken by the changed code, and immediately notify both teams of any problems found by the build and tests.

The San Francisco Selenium Meet-Up is held monthly at different San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies. Sponsored by Sauce Labs, these meetings start with schmoozing over pizza and drinks, followed by one or more formal talks on Selenium topics, and end with still more schmoozing. Click here to see where upcoming meetups will be held!


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