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At StumbleUpon we like to travel around the world to talk at conferences about the technologies we are working on, and this summer is going to be particularly busy:

Berlin Buzzwords, June 6-7 – At this conference, which focuses on open source software centered around scalable search, data-analysis in the cloud, and NoSQL-databases, I’ll present about the multiple applications of HBase (a topic we hear asked about a lot from HBase users). I’ll discuss the major ways StumbleUpon uses HBase, including live traffic serving and offline data crunching. Service level agreements (SLAs) are very different in both cases, and HBase has to be top notch. I will explore those two use cases and others by giving tips on how to configure your clusters, design your tables, and architect the database access layer.

O’Reilly OSCON Data, July 25-29Benoît Sigoure, Site Reliability Engineer, is going to this open source conference in July to talk about OpenTSDB, a real-time data monitoring program that he built himself and is catching on at several tech companies. It uses HBase to store billions of data points, such as CPU load, that are generated by our servers and applications.

I will also be part of OSCON Data to present StumbleUpon’s experience using Hive and HBase together. Hive is an Apache project that’s used as a layer of abstraction on top of MapReduce and HDFS so that our business analysts and engineers can query our big data sets by using a language that looks almost like SQL, without needing to write code. HBase is a distributed database that uses HDFS to store its data, and without it StumbleUpon couldn’t operate. As Hive’s support for HBase (i.e. running MR jobs on top of HBase) is rather recent, we wanted to tell other potential users what they should expect from this integration down the road.

If we are lucky enough to be part of the same conference as you, don’t be afraid to come up and ask us questions on these subjects. Just be aware that we are very passionate and might get a little carried away. :-) Feel free to talk to us about open engineering positions at StumbleUpon as well; we’d be happy to give out more details.

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