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Welcome to the new StumbleUpon Developer Blog where we will be frequently posting about the latest StumbleUpon development and technology related news as well as giving all of you a bit of insight into the day to day of the engineering team here at SU. A brief introduction of myself: My name is Edmund Salvacion, a software engineer working with the web applications team at StumbleUpon. My role consists of maintining anything web facing, such as and as well as developing new features for both products. The latest of these features is the topic of today’s blog entry: the API.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with, it is our brand new short url service designed to drive more traffic to your site. provides real time analytics for all of your generated links as well as the ability to post your links to other social media services such as twitter and facebook. Another unique feature of is the ability to schedule posts in the near future, and being the recommendation gurus we are, we will even suggest the best time for you to post based on past activity. All of this, and more to come, are available from the homepage. The new API will now allow you to leverage the power of from within your own applications.

With the first revision of the API, we are granted 4 of the main pieces of functionality: shorten, expand, post, and schedule. The API uses the simple to use REST request format with responses in JSON and, if you really want to, XML.


As you can see, a simple constructed URL passing paramters through GET is all you need to get going with While this will be handy for generating short URLS,  the true power of is shown when you are posting using your user credentials. Authentication is simply done by passing login and apiKey paramters along with your request.


Adding my login and API key will associate the links to my account where I will have access to the awesome analytics. Authentication is also required for you to use the post and schedule APIs. To get an API key, log into, and head to your settings page: Remember, this is your private API key, so it’s best to use it internally within your applications. However, if you still need to, you are able to generate a new key at any given time.

The full documentation is available at It should have all you need to get running so you can shorten and post from your applications in no time.  Good luck and happy coding!


Edmund Salvacion

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