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Heads-up – the 2011 Hadoop Summit is fast approaching! You won’t find a better gathering of straight up Hadoop tech talks and mingling with fellow Hadoopineers this side of the Mississippi.  This year promises to be bigger and more techy than ever before. And, by popular demand, keynotes have been purged from the agenda!

Owen O’Malley and I are co-chairs of the community track, and we’re looking for submissions on anything that pertains to the Hadoop community, including roadmaps, Hadoop contributions, development best practices, or community feeding and grooming. The deadline for abstract submissions is this Friday, May 6, 2011, so you’ll need to get a bit of a move on if you intend to present. Last I heard, the deadline is final and won’t be extended. If community isn’t your thing, consider submitting a talk to one of the other Summit tracks, Operations & Management or Applications & Research.

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