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Back in February we put out a call for couples to submit themselves to our Birds of a Feather’ or ‘Opposites Attract’: Are You Well-Matched on StumbleUpon? contest. Users wrote in to see how similar they were based on their Stumbling behavior, including which Interests and Channels they follow, their sharing patterns and much more. We went to the laboratory, did some calculations, found our two couples, and sent them on dream dates of their choosing.

Opposites Attract
April & Jason from Denver were the most different of all the Stumbling couples, according to our recommendation technology. They met in 2010 when they started working together. Apparently, all of their friends knew they were meant to be, but it took them about a year to get it together and start dating. They were shocked to hear they were in the “Opposites Attract” group, because they are constantly sharing similar articles with each other through StumbleUpon.

Even though their StumbleUpon interests are pretty varied, they definitely have some complementary ones that make these opposites attract! Since Jason likes “Outdoors” and April likes “Travel,” their outdoor camping date made perfect sense.

For their StumbleUpon date, April and Jason camped on the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado followed by an early hike through the Garden of the Gods and a well-deserved lunch. The weekend ended with a relaxing evening complete with a movie and some downtime.

They loved exploring and creating adventure in their own backyard. Sometimes the best trips don’t require a long haul!


Birds of a Feather
Giselle & Ryan were the most similar of all of the Stumbling couples. They are both fans of eclectic topics such as “Graphic Design,” “Magic/Illusions,” “Satire” and “Science Fiction” (just to name a few of their many similar Interests.)

They are a truly digital couple, having met in 2008 thanks to Plenty of Fish and both working in Social Media (Giselle in Marketing and Ryan in Social Game Design). They believe in celebrating everything from birthdays to successfully unclogging drains.

For their StumbleUpon date, or as they refer to it “Our celebrating-how-awesomely-similar-we-are” trip, they headed back to their favorite place – Whistler. It was a weekend filled with snow sports, food and shopping. Oh, and a giant clothing rack falling on Giselle’s face! Yikes. (We’re happy to report that Giselle is safe and sound and after resting up in the hot tub, she was able to catch a little more snow time before the weekend was over.)

Remember: couples who Stumble together, stay together!

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