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I’m CH – I’m based in the UK and I help out with Community Support at StumbleUpon. There’s a story behind that nickname, but that will have to keep for another day. I’ve been a member of StumbleUpon since 2003 – never saw anything like it – still haven’t, and I was hooked straight away. I liked it so much that I started pestering the founders, Geoff and Garrett, to let me help out somehow… me and my big mouth!

Stumbling grabbed me instantly – I still get awesome Stumbles today, every day – but there was another thing that captivated me about StumbleUpon: the people. It was clear, from the very start, that there was a spirit here at SU – a community that was – and still is – utterly unique.

One of the things that I absolutely delight in is seeing the “projects” that Stumblers get involved in – people from all around the world who meet here on StumbleUpon, getting together to make something creative, do something fun.

Take a look at this, for example:

They are all Stumblers. They all met each other right here on SU and are all members of one of our groups.

I asked Vortexfugue – the group “leader” – about this project, and he told me that it was just one of many. As a group, they’ve already done readings of Jabberwocky, The Raven, The Cremation of Sam McGee … and have more planned. Each of the participants – and there are different “players” each time – recorded their chosen parts and sent them to Vortexfugue, who then arranged for them to be merged into the single piece that you see here.

Vortexfugue – a member for four years – tells me new members are always welcome to join their group. Stream of Consciousness is, he says: “a place to have fun, with word games, random thoughts, observations … not an adversarial place at all, just a place to have fun and feel safe”.

I love StumbleUpon! I’ve seen so many people doing so many crazy, wonderful things, so many fun projects – and so many people finding kindred spirits and making life-long friends here. I’ve got so many stories – but I’d love to hear yours. Let me know if you are part of something good here on StumbleUpon or if you know of something amazing going on, – we’d love to hear about it! Write to me at community [at] and tell us about your stories.

Oh and, Happy Holidays to you all!

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