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You’re walking along minding your own business and – BAM! – you run into some of the best graffiti street art you’ve ever seen. Or maybe you happen across an entrancing lake while off on a secluded hike. Or perhaps you manage to rise before dawn and capture the sun’s early morning rays as they hit the earth.

Everyday life takes you down a path, some completely familiar and some refreshingly new. Regardless how well-trodden your daily routine may be, one can always manage to stumble upon a little twist.

We want to see your most amazing real life Stumbles.

Show us the coolest things happening in your backyard, something from the nooks and crannies of your city, the little wonders, and the hidden things not noticed on a first glance. The world is really as big or as small as you make it; share with us the most amazing twists and turns of your daily life.

To be eligible to enter:

1) Make sure you are a registered user of to be eligible (open to US residents only)

2) Capture an awesome picture of a real life Stumble (aka anything unique, funny, thought-provoking, cool or amazing that you see in real life that makes you stop and think – we want to see it all!)

3) Follow @StumbleUpon on Instagram

4) Use the Instagram app to post it during the contest period and include the tag #RealLifeContest and @StumbleUpon in your caption (BONUS points for sharing your Instagram photo to Twitter too ;) )

Our friends over at Lonely Planet know a little something about amazing photography and capturing great photos, and will be judging your awesome photos. They’ll pick out a “daily awesome” picture for each of the 10 days of our contest to win a copy of “Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography.”

From these 10 semi-finalists they will select one to win the grand prize of an awesome Polaroid 300 Instant Camera to help them take their insta-photography skills offline.

Each of the “daily awesome” pictures will be featured on StumbleUpon’s Twitter and Facebook pages, so check back to see what fantastic things our community is stumbling on to. Get inspired, start snapping, and put your best photo forward to impress!

For full rules read more here.

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