Blogs » Official Blog » Community » ‘Birds of a Feather’ or ‘Opposites Attract’: Are You Well-Matched on StumbleUpon?

Darin and Lisa McClure met on StumbleUpon and married shortly after. A little over a year ago they welcomed Stumble baby Kate into their lives!

We haven’t done a formal scientific test, but we’d wager that couples who Stumble together stay together. We at least know that StumbleUpon brings soul mates together in ways they never expected, and StumbleUpon has even been used by one user to propose to his girlfriend.

But we’re curious to learn more about the similarities and differences between partners on StumbleUpon. That’s why we’re asking StumbleUpon couples (both opposite and same-sex are welcome) to contact us; we’ll look at their StumbleUpon Interests and Likes/Dislikes to find the Stumbler couples who are most alike (birds of a feather) and the most diametrically opposed (opposites attract). We’ll feature our most alike and opposite couples in a blog post this Friday and will sponsor date night outings for them (up to $200 per couple).

If you think you and your loved one are like twins or instead are the most unlikely of pairings, email with you and your loved one’s StumbleUpon usernames and a photo of you two together. Include “StumbleUpon Valentine’s Day Post” in the email subject, please. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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