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You may have heard that December 21, 2012 could be the end of the world, according to those who go by ancient Mesoamerican calendars. This could very well mean a zombie invasion; we at StumbleUpon don’t take that type of situation lightly.

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Answer a few questions below snagged from’s Zombie Survival Quiz to see if you are prepared to survive, or if your brains will be inevitably eaten (check answers at bottom of post):

1) Which is best [as a tool/weapon during the zombie apocalypse]?

  • Machete
  • Baseball bat
  • Crowbar
  • Carpenter’s hammer
  • Lead pipe

  • 2) During an outbreak, when do you travel?

  • Night
  • Day

  • 3) When preparing to enter a closed room, you should…

  • Knock
  • Ask if anyone’s there
  • Kick the door down and run in
  • Slowly open the door and peek in
  • Quickly open the door and look in

  • **Bonus Question: Which zombie movie coming to theaters in February (pending whether the end of the world happens or not) was inspired by a Stumble??**

    If you answered 3 out of 3: I hope to see you at the safe zone. Stumble through my Zombie Apocalypse List and Tweet @StumbleUpon if you find any content I need to add.

    If you answered 2 out of 3: You might be able to get out of the end of the world alive, so arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. My Zombie Apocalypse List will show you what weapons you need to slice off heads, zombie booby traps, and mental/physical stamina tips.

    If you chose 1 out of 3: You are in desperate need of Stumbling through my Zombie Apocalypse List. Don’t wait to study it, because you have serious catching up to do. If you aren’t up to snuff, you’ll be zombie breakfast.

    If you didn’t choose any of the right answers: Calm down, it’ll be ok – that’s why I made this Zombie Apocalypse List. Start with this beginner video and then Stumble through the List. Tweet @StumbleUpon when this task is completed.

    Preparedness Might Mean Survival

    You never know which skills will be necessary during a crucial life or death moment. Imagine a zombie sneaks up while you are sleeping, or a stampede comes through a blocked roadway, or a fellow survivor falls injured — what will you do? It is essential to prepare for all potential situations while understanding that you can’t predict much during the apocalypse. It will be a cruel, lawless and depressing time. The most important things to remember during the outbreak are:

    1) In survival training (of any type, not just against zombies), this mantra is taught:

  • 10% of your chances are determined by your survival training knowledge.
  • 10% are the tools available.
  • 80% of the battle is your will to survive.

  • 2) ALWAYS HIT A ZOMBIE’S HEAD: It is essential to dislocate the brain’s nerves from the spinal cord, otherwise the zombie’s nervous system will remain active. If you must go for another section (for whatever reason) try either a) chopping off the leg so they can’t run as fast or b) chopping off the jaw so they can’t bite as easily.

    3) Shelter: Your best option is to just head straight home. If you don’t own this zombie-proof home or can’t get home easily, the best place to hide out is a military base, followed by grocery stores, schools, shopping malls or any other sturdy fortress that has an ample supply of water, food and medical supplies. Avoid hospitals, however, as they are just zombie breeding grounds. Upon arrival ensure all entrances are properly closed to new zombies entering (but easy enough for humans to escape if needed), then go through each space and clear out any zombies. The best outdoor options include in the middle of a body of water (zombies can’t swim) and higher elevation on steep, complicated terrain (zombies are not great climbers).

    4) Miscellaneous: Stay in groups, keep quiet, remain unemotional when fighting loved ones that have turned (remember: they are already dead), keep cautious, wear comfortable clothes that are somewhat tight-fitting (less for a zombie to grab), stay hydrated.

    To prepare, watch as many zombie movies, TV shows, and read as many topical books as possible.

    Good luck out there.

    Answers to quiz: 1) Best, in order: crowbar, machete, baseball bat, lead pipe, hammer. 2) Day. Zombies use their sense of smell and hearing more than sight. 3) “Knocking” is the best answer. If there is a zombie in the room it will alert it and you will know what to prepare for. Asking if anyone’s there is also acceptable, although a voice will carry much further than you would want.

    BONUS QUESTION: The movie Warm Bodies — scheduled for release in February 2013 — is based on a short story by Isaac Marion. The story was discovered by a talent scout during a Stumble session in 2008 and was adapted to be a motion picture release!

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