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If you own an Android phone and you’re like me, you’ve probably said to yourself more than once, “Wow, there’s an app for THAT?” But finding these gems is no small feat. Beyond turning to friends or browsing broad categories in Android Market, there’s really no effective way to sort through Android’s 100,000+ apps to find those I’ll really like.

That’s why today we’re launching StumbleUpon App Discovery, a free beta feature available through our existing Android app that uses StumbleUpon’s recommendation technology to make mobile app discovery more efficient and more personalized. This feature suggests apps you’ll like based on what apps you’ve already installed and recently used, what apps your friends on StumbleUpon like, and a host of other factors.

Tap "Apps" in the StumbleUpon mobile app for Android (left) to stumble through the best apps in the Android Market (right), recommended just for you.

To use our app discovery feature, just download our latest Android mobile app if you haven’t already by searching “StumbleUpon” in the Android Market on your phone, or hold your phone’s camera lens up to this QR code to directly download the app. (All current users of StumbleUpon’s mobile app will soon have their app software updated with the free feature automatically.) After you sign up and log in, tap the button labeled “Apps.” You’ll then be able to stumble through, rate, review, and share apps we recommend for you, just like you can do with web pages on your phone or computer. When you see an app that interests you, just tap “Install” and you’ll be taken directly to the app’s download page in the Android Market.

I’ve already found and installed more great apps since I started playing with StumbleUpon App Discovery this week than I’ve ever discovered by word of mouth or friends’ suggestions. Just the other day I stumbled upon the Compass app, which will come in handy for getting around town (especially for someone who finds herself getting lost from time to time). And I hadn’t realized that the Angry Birds game my brother lets me play with on his iPhone is available on Android too. Let’s see if I can get better at it than he is…

So I guess there really is an Android app for everything. And now, if you want to discover more great apps in a fast and fun way, well, there’s an app for that!

For more on StumbleUpon App Discovery, check out our press release.

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