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For the past seven days, we’ve been inviting our Facebook fans to pen haikus that express how they feel about StumbleUpon and to post them to our Wall.  We promised to reward the poets behind each of the four most imaginative and well-liked contributions with a $25 gift certificate to our online Zazzle store. We were flattered by the overwhelming response, and impressed by our community’s creativity! As the final votes were extremely close, we called upon the resident wannabe poets on our team to select the most deserving contributors.

So without further ado, the winners are:

1. Xtaega (2 entries)

Time passes in waves

Page by page with click by click
I StumbleUpon

I remain awake

feeding curiosity

something delicious.

2. jhebert531

Seemingly random,

an internet lottery,

stumbled upon me

3. darlenet8 (2 entries)

The Internet hides
amazing soul stirring sites
Must StumbleUpon!

He finally snores

I sneak to meet my lover
Hours to Stumble

4. gbowles

An unexpected

hyperlinked web worldwide

StumbleUpon it.

Congratulations to our four winners! You will be receiving emails shortly with instructions on how to claim your gift certificates. 

Stay tuned for more Stumble fun over the coming weeks and months!

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