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One of the beautiful things about StumbleUpon is how it can be so many different things for different people. A tool for some, entertainment for others – the diversity of content and what our members get out of Stumbling never ceases to amaze me.

The modern woman is interested in all StumbleUpon has to offer from Aeronautics to Zoology, but sometimes you need something a little more focused. Recently our community team, with the help of some experts, pulled together some of the best content that both entertains and enlightens us on some female-centric topics (though many guys might enjoy these as well). General interests we found content around included fitness, relationships, pregnancy, being a mom, and, of course, Ryan Gosling. We then took that content and put it into Channels so you can easily Stumble the best web pages on that general theme. Think of it as a little present from us to you! :)

Read below for a rundown on these fun, new Channels:

Motivation Nation! Channel
This Channel is all about pumping you up and getting you excited about being a healthy you. Collections of great workouts, nutritious recipes, inspiring photos (hot guys with animals…), and energy-packed playlists are a few of the Stumbles you’ll find here.

“I just got dumped…” Channel
Okay, you’re single again and it sucks – but only for a bit. Use this Channel to get a little perspective on a relationship that recently ended or being single in general. From serious advice articles to blog posts that poke a little fun, this is a great collection of web pages to share with your single girlfriends.

The “I Heart Ryan Gosling” Channel
The number of links exchanged around our office about Ryan Gosling on a daily basis is slightly embarrassing. When you can claim you’re doing it in the name of your job however, it gives it a little more validity ;). Check out this Channel to find the best news articles, videos, memes and more on Ryan Gosling to get your daily (cough, hourly, cough) fix.

And for expecting mothers, dads-to-be and current parents these curated Channels might spark your interest:

Pregnancy (1st Trimester)
Congratulations, you’re pregnant! The first trimester is full of questions so we asked our experts to compile this channel full of the most useful reviews, advice, and even humor all centered around the first trimester.

Pregnancy (2nd Trimester)
You’re probably inundated with pregnancy prep information from all kinds of sources. We hope this Channel will help you decide which of those products you really need, what to do about those cravings and how to accessorize that growing baby bump.

Pregnancy (3rd Trimester)
The big day is just around the corner and you’re full steam ahead on planning. Check out this Channel with lots of helpful DIY tips for your nursery, hospital bag-packing checklists, and some baby humor to get you through these last couple of months.

Babies (Newborn)
There is so much to learn about feeding, cleaning, and taking care of a newborn that it can be a little overwhelming. Check out this Channel to get helpful tips on choosing the right diapers, what to do when the little one won’t stop crying and new parent must-haves.

Babies (1-6 months)
How do you fly with a baby? How do you set up a feeding schedule? What is that rash? Is that normal? Oh, and yes, will you sleep again? You’ve got questions, this Channel has got answers.

We hope you enjoy these Channels as much as we enjoyed creating them! Special thanks to our contributors for helping us get together this content: Jen, Julie, Singlegirlie, Margeaux, Sophie, Jessica, Marie, Nicole, Trisha, Michelle, Jennifer, Melissa and Rachel.

We encourage you to share these Channels with your girlfriends who might be in need of that extra nugget of information, inspiration or something to lighten their mood. Let us know what you think of these Channels or any future Channels you’d like to see. We’ll be listening :).

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