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Most people will tell you that I have a teensy little obsession with vintage things. Vintage fashion, vintage glasses, vintage decor and even vintage recipes. Kitsch may be considered tacky or ugly by some, but I just can’t get enough of it. This is why one of the very first Lists I created on StumbleUpon was Kitschy Life. I’ve shared a few of my favorite finds here, but make sure you check out my List for even more kitschy goodness.

I bet when you think of kitsch you immediately think of those “big-eye kid” pictures. Well, yes, those are perfect examples, but you needn’t confine kitsch to your walls. No, you can surround yourself with it. Envelope yourself in the delightful tackiness of it all!

First off let’s set the mood with some swinging lounge tunes. Ok that’s better. Could I interest you in a cocktail? Perhaps an Alaskan Polar Bear Heater to get things started? But look around, that decor will never do! Don’t worry, it’s nothing a little shag carpet and flower patterns can’t fix. I know, let’s take some visual cues from The Encyclopedia of Home Improvement, circa 1970:

You can bring your newfound love of kitsch into your entertaining as well. If you need inspiration you should always turn to Charles Phoenix – he’ll show you how to make your very own Light-up Jello-O Christmas Trees and Cherpumples. My personal kitschy idol is the always delightful Brini Maxwell. Where else can you learn the lost art of Napkin Folding?

Now that you are on your way to being a kitschficionado (yes I made that up) let’s pack up our neon lunchboxes and go on a Kitschy Road Trip.

Featured image c/o Christina Siravo Illustration.

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