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October marks my favorite time of the year: time to disguise, make-believe, and scare! Throughout the year, current events, movies or new pop-culture catch-phrases always spark Halloween costume ideas, but by the time October rolls around, I find myself scrambling for new ideas – so I turned to StumbleUpon for a little costume inspiration, and made a List of my favorite Halloween costume ideas.

It’s always fun to draw on events from the past year. If you’re ready to celebrate Halloween 2012 Gangnam Style or like Honey Boo Boo Child, you’ll be in good company. Running out of time? Throw on one of these costumes-in-a-T-shirt. Have all the time in the world? Try and replicate this masterpiece. Trying to claim the prize for most creative in your friend/family member/office costume contest? The Upside Down Man is a sure win.

For the long-haired, one of my favorite DIY tricks is creating vertical hair. All you need is an empty water bottle, a hair tie, bobby pins, and hairspray. Voilà! In just 54 seconds, you are halfway transformed into Marge Simpson, a crayon, or, of course, a treasure troll.

Did you know that Americans will spend $370 million this year on pet costumes?! Don’t forget to let your pets in on the fun!

For me, Halloween 2012 is going to be the year of the JellyFish. For more ideas, Stumble my Halloween List to get the creative juices flowin’, or Stumble “Halloween” or “Costume” in the Explore Box.

Feeling stressed out? Don’t be: In the words of Hova, you may have 99 problems but a witch ain’t one.

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