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As an architecture school dropout, I can relate to the design student lifestyle – or the lack of one. All of you designers out there know what I’m talking about – no time for sleep, no time to eat, and don’t even think about exercising or seeing your friends. And then, you’re expected to be creative and come up with amazing, insightful new ideas all day long. Here’s the big question: If you don’t have time to do anything except work, where are you going to find your inspiration?

This is where StumbleUpon comes in, and, more specifically for me, the Architecture Interest. When StumbleUpon released Lists, the first thing I did was create a List called Architecture that Blows my Mind (that now has over 1.5K followers!) full of all the cool architecture sites I’d found while Stumbling. If only I had known how many great designs I could discover, learn from, use as inspiration (and copy? just kidding!), my semesters in school would have been more about doing something awesome and less about surviving.

For example, take a look at this beautiful – and brilliant – see-through church in Belgium. Or go green with this home in South Korea that merges architectural and natural elements while being energy efficient all at the same time.

And don’t worry, there’s no need to stop at just one List. I’ve also got My Future Home, full of awesome – and probably way overpriced – houses, like this villa in Stuttgart designed by UNStudio, or this insane $6M boat house designed as its own private island. Or satisfy the structural engineer inside you and explore the Just Bridges List to see some epic designs.

Get inspired and Stumble On!

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