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Ever had an author crush? Or how about just a crush on a character, or even just the book? Love reading about how to write better?

Sounds like you need some English Major Eye Candy. Even if you didn’t major in English, it sounds like you love a good story. I can relate! I created this List for soulful bookworms and wannabe writers everywhere. Check out the short, funny French video about the power of a good story. Check off titles you’ve read on the list of 50 Banned Books (remember Bridge to Terabithia? It’s been banned for offensive language and witchcraft scenes) and let Ernest Hemingway encourage you to go for your dreams.

Speaking of going for it, learn how with 57 Tips For Writers, From Writers . Don’t forget to be original with the Cliche Finder (it’s also fun to put your work emails in here and see how cliches are so much a part of everyday corporate life!). You can also see which famous author you most resemble by putting your text in the “I Write Like” tool. And if you need a break from all this intellectual diversion, let’s give you pics of literary hunks and book-babes, like Colin Firth and Emma Watson.

What would you add? Making any other bookworm-friendly Lists lately? Share them with us in the Comments section!

Photo courtesy of The Telegraph.

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