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Reach over 20 million people who are actively seeking to discover new, interesting information. StumbleUpon is the 2nd largest source of social media referrals, sending more traffic than the remaining social media landscape combined.1

  • Engage

    Engage Your Audience

    As people discover your content, you can prompt them to continue to explore the content of your site, powered by StumbleUpon recommendation technology.

    Solution: StumbleThru, Widgets

    Case Study: After implementing StumbleThru, was able to lift time on site by 2.6x compared to other inbound traffic sources.

  • Seed

    Seed Virality

    Your content perpetuates throughout the StumbleUpon user community as your content is submitted into our index and you receive votes from over 20 million users who click "I Like It."

    Solutions: Badges, Paid Discovery

    Case Study: On average, sites increase traffic from StumbleUpon between 20% to 25% upon installing Badges.

  • Grow

    Grow Your Audience

    Your pages are matched by StumbleUpon's recommendation technology to find people who are interested in your content related to your brand, bringing new users.

    Solutions: Paid Discovery

    Case Study: used less than 10% of their budget to drive traffic and yielded over 50% of page views at an average of 3 minutes per user.

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1. United States (StatCounter, November 2010)